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I understand sound as a medium to communicate. It’s my most important language regardless where I come from, where I am and will be. Having experienced different cultures around the globe and my persistent training in classical music have led me to the multi-dimensional sonic communications.

Mastering is for me a great interactive sound communication with the world. As a musician myself, I enjoy sharing my understandings towards sound with other sound enthusiasts and build meaningful works together that can be powerfully translated to the world.

Having accomplished Music Technology degree in Berlin, I am continuously looking for inspirations.

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Stem Mastering masters from multiple stems - grouped instruments for instance percussive elements, bass, synth, vocal and effects. First, each stem will be trimmed in the way that it will react to the mastering chain at best. Stem Mastering occasionally requires automation. These trimmed stems will be summed additionally by standard Stereo Mastering process at the end.

- Stem Mastering guarantees enhanced depth, width and dimension to your music since I have control over each stem to make sure that every scope of your music reacts to the mastering chain at best. This isn't something possible in Stereo Mastering since a single mix bounce goes into the mastering chain as a chunk.

- Stem Mastering is also recommended if you are not confident in your mixing skills or in your acoustic environments since it gives me the possibility to tweak parameters in stems to rebalance your mix.

Stem Mastering is my passion and my speciality, which I want to offer for your enhanced audio experience. 





For mixing and production you can contact our in-house engineer Jan Urbiks.
If you have a request or want to discuss further details you can write him via the email below.


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*Stereo Mastering is also possible.



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