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Studio Construction Day - Acoustic Improvement

We had a studio construction for further sound improvement and for even cozier feeling.

#1 We shortened the height of monitors to meet my sitting height - before I was sitting on a bar chair with an extra cushion on.

#2 Extended the cloud - so the cloud is exactly above where I am sitting therefore sound is more compact.

#3 Put up MORE absorbers in corners - to absorb a lil more standing frequencies and ringings in some corner.

It’s a loving journey to see this place becoming just like us step by step together with Jan (@jndrb) & Nicki (@praye__r) 🥰

The absorbers are built by @kissyourears

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9B2SNQo-Js/

#studio #masteringstudio #studioconstruction

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